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Finding Freshness On Demand With A Coffee Maker With Grinder

Lifting the heavy, plastic container, you sigh a little. Opening the flat lid, you hope to catch the smell of fresh coffee grounds, but all you get is a stale imitation. Buying pre-ground coffee or even storing it after you’ve had it ground at the store compromises the freshness of the product and the flavor of your drink. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then you know firsthand that fresh ground is a must.

The best way to bring this superior taste into your own kitchen is to purchase a coffee maker with grinder built right in. Far from a restaurant-only device, these can be purchased at your local home goods store. While coffee grinders have been sold separately for over a century, advancements in engineering (and electricity) have made it possible to put a compact, electric grinder directly into coffee brewers. They are not too large, nor is the noise horrendous. Plus, this combination allows for more convenience and cuts down on the mess while it provides the taste and sensations of your favorite local coffee shop.

If this sounds like something you need in your home, then you’ll want to take a few moments to consider the coffee makers with grinder options available on the market. There may be more than you think. First, establish what price you want to pay. Coffee makers with grinders range from economical (like the $40 Sanyo SACMST6) to outrageous (like the Jura-Capresso 13332 Impressa J5 which sells for almost $2000). Most makers range from $150 to $280, though there are those at both extremes of price.

But you don’t need to spend a grand to get good coffee. Invest enough to get a quality system, but anything over three hundred may not be worth the additional cost. What makes the entire purchase worthwhile are the features of the machines which add to your life. Consider the Cuisinart Grind & Brew which easily makes twelve cups and may save those with large families from waiting for another pot to brew. And then there’s the Krups KM7000 which allows you to serve mid-brew without any mess which may be a necessary benefit for those who are forced to rush out of the house at a moment’s notice.

There are even makers that come in your favorite colors! Other fun features include electronic controls, auto power settings, and Senseo’s interesting pod system which delivers flavors and eliminates loose grounds and the mess they cause. Any of these may be an asset in your kitchen. Though it may appear a superfluous purchase during a time of economic slowing, buying one item for yourself may be just what you need for motivation.

Finding the best coffee maker with grinder is not about finding the most expensive. Rather, it is about finding the coffee maker that fits your schedule and needs. Don’t get distracted by big brands or flashy signs; imagine the maker on your own kitchen cabinet. Does it fit there? Then maybe it’s the one for you.

A Review Of The Breville Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Maker

Anyone can claim to make gourmet coffee. Slap a fancy logo and a high ticket price on a styrofoam cup and you’re free to make the claim yourself. But if you are a coffee drinker who TRULY appreciates the full flavor and aroma of gourmet coffee, then the Breville gourmet single cup coffee maker may be for you. At nearly $300, this is certainly one of the pricier coffee makers on the market today. The quality of construction and the wealth of features, however, are worth every penny.

Coffee makers with large glass pots are for people who drink mass-market coffee cup after cup after cup. Single cup coffee makers are for people with more discriminating tastes. The Breville uses the K-cup extraction system. K-cups are hermetically sealed single serving packages that lock out air, moisture and light, thus preserving the intended freshness and taste of the coffee grounds. There’s no need to grind the beans yourself, or to decide how much grind to add to the filter – all the guesswork is taken out.

K-cups (the K stands for Keurig, the company that pioneered this technology) come in over 150 varieties. You are sure to find one that suits your tastes. The Breville also features a dishwasher-safe reusable K-cup which allows you to use your own ground coffee blend for a strength and flavor unique to your own household. Most people who own a single cup coffee maker also use filtered water to make the coffee. After all, why buy a high-end stainless steel single cup coffee maker if you are going to use over-chlorinated tap water to ruin the taste of the coffee?

There’s no need to use filtered water with the Breville. The backlit stainless steel tank reservoir contains a built-in charcoal water filter to ensure that your coffee is made with pure tasteless, odorless water. All of the aroma and flavor come from the coffee, not the tap water. The storage tank itself holds 60 ounces of water, all filtered and held at the specified brewing temperature. The Breville features a programmable backlit control panel that gives you ultimate control over the brewing process. You control the brew time, the brew temperature and the strength of the coffee you are brewing.

It comes, of course, with a timer feature so that you can have a freshly brewed cup of gourmet coffee waiting for you in the morning. The drip tray is large enough to hold an over-sized coffee mug, and can be removed so that travel mugs will easily fit under the dispenser. It is a very attractive kitchen appliance, overall, with a sleek stainless steel design that blends well with most modern kitchens.

If you are thinking of purchasing a single cup coffee maker, the Breville single cup gourmet system could be just what you are looking for. It is manufactured with high quality by Keurig, comes with an outstanding manufacturer’s warranty, and will produce a single cup of gourmet coffee to rival that of any coffee shop anywhere.